Janja was the brand new arch nemesis from Kion

Since they earliest satisfied, Kion and also the Lion Protect has actually encountered and you may beaten Janja and his clan players while they don’t have any respect to the Network out-of Life and continue maintaining seeking to appear the new dogs you to live in the Pride Places. Whenever they meet, Kion and Janja usually matches up against one another, that have Janja usually was defeated and you will drill grudge against Kion. Shortly after Janja reformed and you will matches Jasiri once becoming betrayed from the Mark, Janja let go of their grudge and you will Kion is fast to help you forgive elizabeth allies and are now toward top terms and conditions. Janja also attends Kion and you may Rani’s matrimony after brand new collection the remainder of Kion’s family relations and you may close friends.


Kion was first puzzled during the his first meeting Makini on account of the lady expertise in new regal family’s capability to communicate with the ancestors along with her extremely cheery state of mind. But Kion knows that she never ever mean one thing crappy together tendency to blab away anything and you may considers the lady a close friend. Makini takes a fast taste in order to Kion out-of Rafiki’s facts and https://datingranking.net/tr/meet-an-inmate-inceleme/ you will always seeks the woman best to let if in case the guy with his Protect needs their guidelines even with her lack of count on. When Kion is affected by Ushari’s poison, Makini dutifully provides and you can restock brand new Tuliza blooms needed to sooth their state of mind and you can voiced her faith into the him that he will never turn worst instance Mark even after he had been becoming harsh on her and the others. During the “Return to the newest Satisfaction Places”, Makini became Kion’s royal mjuzi when he became King of the Tree out-of Lives.

Despite the uncomfortable introduction, Kion and you may Anga getting good friends. If you are she rarely shows it clearly, Anga respects Kion just like the chief of Lion Guard and you may happy to follow his purchase without much concern. Kion increases to think Anga adequate to hire this lady being new keenest-of-sight shortly after Ono’s plans are damaged, and Anga try recognized to take the newest term, as a devoted buddy to Kion. When he sensed down due to his concern about not able to direct this new Protect, Anga reminded Kion how he is already a good frontrunner also with no Roar.

When Kion was nothing, Zazu partly served while the Kion’s baby-sitter including the hornbill once did having Simba. Following their obligations just like the king’s majordomo, Zazu requires his duty undoubtedly and you may do his better to remain Kion secure. However scolds Kion in the event the he is being unable to sit lay. They are actually prepared to exposure his personal lifestyle to protect Kion as he was nearly taken of the crocodiles to own trespassing its region by accident as he are an excellent cub. In return, Kion expands value for Zazu, recognizing his courage. Age afterwards when you look at the “Brand new Morning Report”, Kion yields the newest favor of the saving Zazu as he is kidnapped by the Janja’s Clan.

Timon And you may Pumbaa

Kion is found on a conditions with Timon and you can Pumbaa who happen to be surrogate uncles regarding their closest friend, Bunga, and of these who increased his dad when he was an effective cub. If you’re Kion often can be perplexed of the Timon and Pumbaa’s overreaction and you will antics, Kion knows that they both have no bad intentions and every so often matches him or her in their activties or asking for its let you to Kion thinks he is able to. Timon and you may Pumbaa including food Kion an equivalent, are Simba’s guy as well as their implemented nephew’s best friend.


Such his family, Kion is found on a terminology that have Rafiki. Kion areas Rafiki due to the fact family members’ regal agent having years, hence esteem grows when Rafiki offered your pointers from inside the developing the fresh Lion Protect. Apart from his father and you will daddy, Kion perform reach Rafiki having recommendations due to his wide training and you may knowledge. Rafiki holds astounding faith and you will faith into the Kion alot more than Simba themselves, usually assuming throughout the potential Kion possess while the leader of new Lion Protect even if the lion’s procedures try different from traditions. Rafiki never immediately following doubted Kion, always promising your getting self assured away from themselves at minutes turned his sound off need.